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Anniece Acker

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Anniece Acker, CEO

Anniece is an award-winning and nationally recognized business development expert. She is the CEO of Talent Support Services and Speaker House Publishing, a columnist for Top Talent Magazine and an author of the upcoming book Born to Rise: The Path to Positive Transformation. Anniece is known for helping business owners build teams, increase sales and grow profits in record time. Just one company she did this for is Allstate Insurance and she has been a national speaker for them since 2011 mentoring and training close to 10,000 CEO’s.

She has been an example of success on every level from winning every award Allstate has to being a Tony Robbins Platinum Leadership graduate.

Anniece has a passion for health and fitness as well and is regularly sought out for her results in the world of active living. Enjoys traveling, cross-fit, boxing, bikram yoga, hiking, good food and spending time with family and friends including her 3 kids.



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Anniece Acker

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